Learning to Fly, story by Stephen Blake (WHEN I HEAR THAT SONG Series)

WHEN I HEAR THAT SONG – A series of wonderful poems and bits of flash fiction by Silver Birch Press. Here is my contribution. Be sure to check out the others. 🙂

Silver Birch Press


Learning to Fly
by Stephen Blake

Sunday evenings my Mum would push back the furniture, turn on the radio, and get me to dance to the chart countdown. I loved it, safely at home, away from judging eyes.

The school disco was held just down the road in an old church hall. The evening came and the music started. In my mind I pictured myself as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, strutting out onto the dance floor, showing the world what I had.

Shyness is like an anchor. Inside, you want to show the world the outgoing you, the one who is ready for the limelight. Outside, you can’t move.

And then, a song comes on. I remember the TV series; I saw the film.

I pick out a lyric, You ain’t seen the best of me yet.

I can do this. I can weigh anchor.

My friends…

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